Restoring Antique Single Stage Paint

1967 Chevrolet Camaro Restoration

The first step in every detail is communicating with your client to determine exactly what they are looking for with the outcome of the detail.  For this particular restoration, the owner wanted to have the vehicle restored to a presentable level to sell.  Knowing this, it was time to inspect the vehicle.  The 1967 Chevrolet Camaro has antique single stage metallic paint.

Paint Breakdown:

Modern and Antique Paint SystemsAntique single stage metallic paint is color, gloss, and aluminum metallic flakes mixed and applied together.  This type of paint was the industry standard until the 1960’s, when two-stage or base coat / clear coat paints were introduced.  Single stage paints were known to be thin, prone to becoming oxidized, fragile, and soft.  The photo below shows you the oxidized and fragile condition of 46-year-old paint.

The first step to restoring a vehicle with antique single stage paint is rubbing it with several thick applications of Meguiar’s #7 Show Car Glaze.  #7 has unique polishing oils that revive the paint and bring out the original, full richness of color.  After the paint has soaked in the #7, remove it.  The Camaro received four separate applications of #7, one of which soaked in for 24 hours (the longer it soaks the better.)

The trio of photos, showing left to right, displays the transformation from before, after the Meg’s #7 application, and after polishing.  The paint begins to have a more uniformed look.

1967 Camaro Restoration Hood Before
1967 Camaro Restoration After Meguiars #7 Rubdown
1967 Camaro Restoration After Polishing

Now with the paint nourished, it can properly be corrected via machine polishing.  Machine polishing removes oxidation, scratches, and swirls.  When machine polishing any vehicle, you want to use the least aggressive pad and polish combination.  This helps to limit the amount of paint removed.  While working on single stage paint you will get color and/or oxidation transfer onto your pads and microfiber towels, but don’t be alarmed as this is normal.  Below is an example of what oxidation removed from the vehicle looks like on a polishing pad.

The final photo displays the end result of a properly restored single stage metallic paint.  It’s not perfect, but their is no way to make this paint perfect.  Remember the goal was to restore to a presentable level to sell.  If you have a classic or antique vehicle that you would like restored, contact KJW Detailing today!1967 Chevrolet Camaro Restoration

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