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Waxes and Sealants are No Longer The Gold Standard in Protection

Stop wasting your time tediously waxing your vehicle for insignificant protection and fast fading shine. While carnauba wax and synthetic sealants provide some protection and shine to vehicles, they leave much to be desired.  Below are a few of their shortcomings:

  • No measurable protective thickness is added to your vehicles clear coat.

  • A temporary illusion of a shiny car is created by filling in minor swirls and scratches.

  • Durability is dramatically reduced by exposure to sunlight and extreme weather conditions.

  • It’s destroyed by environmental fallout and harsh wash soaps with high or low pH.

In addition, the application of a wax or sealant involves a lot of friction as the products are applied and subsequently removed, increasing the risk of inducing swirls and scratches.  Now consider the regular applications required and the risk becomes multiplied.

Opti-Coat Pro+ Benefits


Opti-Coat Pro+ is a two step ceramic coating (Si-C) and the greatest feature is the protection it provides your vehicle.  Opti-Coat Pro+ permanently bonds to your vehicle’s clear coat, creating a measurable layer of protection.  After curing, Opti-Coat Pro+ can only be removed via machine compounding.  Unlike your vehicle’s clear coat, Opti-Coat Pro+ creates a non-porous, hydrophobic surface, which is extremely resilient to chemical, industrial, and ultraviolet exposure.  Below are a few of the Protection benefits:

  • Measurable thickness of 1-2 microns.

  • Durability is increased from months to years.

  • Hydrophobic surface that beads and sheets water.

  • Increased resistance to scratching, chemical etching, fading due to UV and provides outstanding release properties


If protection wasn’t enough, Opti-Coat Pro+ also amplifies the vehicle’s shine.  This can be attributed to two different factors, the preparation of the vehicle’s clear coat, and the coating itself.  However, first let’s examine why a vehicle’s paint becomes dull.

Improper washing and drying of a vehicle causes scratches and swirls (we’ll look further into this below).  Light bouncing off of these marks diminishes the shine of a vehicle.  Take a look at the 50/50 photo and ask yourself which side looks better.

Prior to the application of Opti-Coat Pro+, a vehicle’s paint is thoroughly cleaned and polished.  This polishing step is crucial in removing scratches and swirls, resulting in a beautiful shine.  That shine is locked in and enhanced after the application of Opti-Coat Pro+.  This coupled with proper washing and drying techniques will preserve your vehicle’s shine for years to come!

  • Swirl and scratch free surface equals shiny paint.

  • The chemical formula and thickness of  Opti-Coat Pro+ enhances shine.

  • Long lasting shine without repeated applications.

Easy Maintenance

Opti-Coat Pro+ is incredibly easy to maintain.  No longer do you need a large variety of buckets, brushes, chemicals, sponges, and towels.  Environmental fallout, including bugs, dirt, and grime, all have a difficult time remaining on the hydrophobic surface of Opti-Coat Pro+.  This means less washing and easier drying.  Even better, there is no more need to apply wax or a sealant every few months, saving you more time and money.  Our Do-It-Yourself, at home No Rinse Wash Kits are perfect for keeping your Opti-Coat Pro+ protected vehicle clean.

The wash process uses less than 3 gallons of water; you don’t even need a hose.  Not only that, but you’ll be able to wash your vehicle in a fraction of the time it use to take.  It is economical, environmentally friendly, and a huge time saver, giving you more time to enjoy the open road! 

Opti-Coat Pro+ Installation

Preparation is key!  To ensure your vehicle is ready for the installation and bonding of Opti-Coat Pro+, it must first go through an intensive cleaning process.  The process begins with a wash and multi-step decontamination.  Now that all of the environmental contaminants have been removed, your vehicle is ready for paint correction.  Light scratches and swirl marks are removed with compounding and polishing.  This is extremely important, as any paint imperfections will otherwise be trapped under the layer of Opti-Coat Pro+.    A final polishing pass is performed with Optimum’s primer polish, which acts as a catalyst to help Opti-Coat Pro+ bond to the clear coat.  Now, the vehicle is ready for the application of Opti-Coat Pro+, a two step coating process.  One hour after the application of Opti-Coat Pro+ the vehicle is safe to operate.

Preparation and Application of Opti-Coat Pro+

Opti-Coat Pro+ Warranty

Opti-Coat Pro+ comes with a warranty from Optimum Polymer Technologies, when applied to newer vehicles.  This warranty specifically covers product failure that results in damage to your vehicle’s paint.  On vehicles 5 model years old or newer, this warranty lasts for 7 years, on vehicles 6-10 model years old receive a 2 year warranty.  To keep the warranty in good standing, the vehicle must be cared for per Optimum Polymer Technologies warranty guidelines.

Only an authorized installer will have access to Opti-Coat Pro+.

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