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Owning or leasing an automobile is an investment that is often overlooked, until the automobile is in desperate need of a detail.  The best way to protect your investment is by having it cared for by a professional detailer from day one.  New automobiles are made with a “protective finish”, otherwise known as a clear coat, but this isn’t to be considered a permanent solution.  To ensure that your vehicle’s “protective finish” is working properly, it too needs to be protected via a wax, sealant, or ceramic coating.  It’s also recommended to have your car washed every other week and “no”, this doesn’t mean you can go to the auto wash.  Let’s look at a few environmental aspects that contribute to the breakdown of a cars “protective finish.

Damaging UV rays from the sun, acid rain, road salt, break dust, bugs, and bird bombs can and will slowly chip away at your car’s “protective finish” over time.  Most wait until the damage on their vehicle is visible to get it washed or detailed, which makes it more difficult to restore your vehicle to its original condition; than it would be for a detailer to keep it looking brand-new from the beginning. Once the damage has begun, it’s sometimes difficult or impossible to reverse, not to mention the difference in cost.

Remember, that your automobile is an investment.  If you take care of the exterior of your car with regular wash services and keep the inside looking great as well, when it is time to trade it in a few years down the road, it will be worth a lot more to a dealership.  Dealerships will pay more for cars that have been taken care of because they’re worth more money to their customers.  If a salesperson knows he or she can get more money for your car, they’re going to be more inclined to buy it at a higher price.  It may cost you a few dollars more every month to have a professional detailer wash your car, but rest assured it will be well worth it in the long run.

For most of us, the thought of adding another item to your to-do list sounds like too much work.  Knowing that KJW Detailing provides you with all your detailing needs, getting your automobile detailed just might be the easiest “to-do” on your to-do list.  All you have to do is make a phone call or email to set up an appointment and KJW Detailing will come to your home or place of business.  I will grab your keys, clean your car, and have them back in your hands in no time.  Don’t wait until your car’s appearance is beyond repair to react, be proactive; ensure that your investment is properly protected by choosing to have your car washed and detailed regularly.

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