Headlight Restoration

2000 Volkswagen Jetta Headlight Restoration Before and After

We’ve all seen car headlights that have turned “foggy” or “yellow”.  Not only does it take away from your cars overall appearance, but it also creates an unsafe driving condition as the light output is greatly reduced.  According to AAA, oxidized headlight lenses can block approximately 90 percent of light from the bulbs.  Not only will this inhibit your view of the road and its many obstacles, but other drivers will also have a harder time seeing the approach of your vehicle.  This article is going to examine the causes behind the “fogging” or “yellowing” of headlights.

Automobile headlights where originally built out of glass, but safety concerns raised during the 1970’s prevented further use, as glass was deemed hazardous in collisions and to pedestrians.  Since then, headlights have been made from polycarbonate plastic.  Polycarbonate plastic is a very versatile product that can be easily shaped, is very durable, and lightweight.  Polycarbonate plastic is also a porous material, making it prone to oxidation.  Oxidation as you may have already figured out, is what’s turning your headlights “foggy” or “yellow”.  Unfortunately, regular use of your automobile contributes to the oxidation of your headlights.  Additional contributing factors include harmful UV light from the suns rays, dirt and grim, caustic chemicals, and acid rain.

So, what could you do to fix this issue?   You could purchase a new set of headlights, but you need to be prepared to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  Why replace your headlights, when the only issue is the oxidation on the exterior.  The more economical option is to contact KJW Detailing and setup a headlight restoration service.  KJW Detailing will come to your residence and in just a few hour’s time, your headlights will be restored and properly protected to a showroom new condition!

Remember, headlight restorations have two benefits.  The overall appearance of your car will be enhanced, but more importantly your level of visibility during night driving will be substantially improved.

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