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New Car Detailing

Owning or leasing an automobile is an investment that is often overlooked, until the automobile is in desperate need of a detail.  The best way to protect your investment is by having it cared for by a professional detailer from day one.  New automobiles are made with a “protective finish”, otherwise known as a clear coat, but this isn’t to be considered a permanent solution.  To ensure that your vehicle’s “protective finish” is working properly, it too [...]

Automatic Car Wash Dangers

Paying to ruin your car?  STOP NOW! They’re easy, there fast, and according to your kids, they’re fun, but are you getting what you pay for at a drive-thru car wash?  In short, the answer is no.  Drive-thru car washes may make your car look shiny and new in the short term, but in reality they can end up damaging your car’s paint job and stripping it of protective finishes.  Additionally, because of the potent chemicals necessary [...]

Headlight Restoration

We’ve all seen car headlights that have turned "foggy" or "yellow".  Not only does it take away from your cars overall appearance, but it also creates an unsafe driving condition as the light output is greatly reduced.  According to AAA, oxidized headlight lenses can block approximately 90 percent of light from the bulbs.  Not only will this inhibit your view of the road and its many obstacles, but other drivers will also have a harder time seeing [...]

Restoring Antique Single Stage Paint

The first step in every detail is communicating with your client to determine exactly what they are looking for with the outcome of the detail.  For this particular restoration, the owner wanted to have the vehicle restored to a presentable level to sell.  Knowing this, it was time to inspect the vehicle.  The 1967 Chevrolet Camaro has antique single stage metallic paint. Paint Breakdown: Antique single stage metallic paint is color, gloss, and aluminum metallic flakes mixed [...]